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The Idaho Flash organization developed by a group of coaches and staff, for the purpose of providing the young student-athlete the essential basketball, social, and leadership skills necessary to compete at the collegiate level. Flash is composed of student-athletes who are each motivated to reach the next level of competition. Our environment is a highly positive one that stresses fundamentals, teamwork and dedication to both team and self. Currently each fall, we will conduct tryout sessions for our teams — Senior Division and Junior Division — for all players between the ages of 14-18. Players are selected based upon their athletic performance, their on and off court attitude, and overall work ethic for the task.

The season begins in March after the High School season ends. We kick-off with our Flash Intensity Training so that all players “Get FIT for Flash season” with six weeks of skills & drills. Combine FIT and team training and we’re ready for some outstanding tournament competition. The Senior Division travels to 5 or 6 NCAA-certified tournaments, seeking maximum recruiter visibility, at tournaments across Arizona, Tennessee, California, Oregon, Utah, Nevada and Washington. The Junior Division will participate in 3 or 4 high-calibre, out-of-state tournaments. Through basketball, we strive to teach our players not only to be successful in the sports arena, but also to instill in them the life skills that will make them successful and outstanding citizens.